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Outliers - Stories from the edge of history

Dec 31, 2019

Robert is a bright young boy, working in the fiery kitchens of Hampton Court Palace. Mary Tudor is on the throne and the country is Catholic once more. Despite his lowly position, Robert is moved by the tumultuous changes that surround him. How will he manage to navigate this new world whilst keeping his head down, as he was taught?

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Transcript -

Written by Steven Camden

Performed by Sam Hallion

Produced by Adam Sibbald, Claudia Strange, and Alexander J Newall with April Sumner

Script edited by Sarah Kilby 

Directed by Alexander J Newall 

Edited by Maddy Searle, Tessa Vroom, and Alexander J Newall

Main theme arranged by Samuel D F Jones, adapted by Domini Hooper and Nick Hart from the original 17th century ballad ‘The Sea Martyrs’. 

Additional Music by Samuel D F Jones 

Artwork by Lyndon White

SFX from richwise, michaelkoehler, nebulasnails, jesabat, paulw2k, blouhond, LiamG_SFX, leonelmail, oneOddEgg, RICHERlandTV, sjnewton, BenLam and previous artists via, with additional SFX by Anika Vroom, Eagan Bird and Tessa Vroom

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This podcast was created by Historic Royal Palaces, in association with Rusty Quill. It is distributed under a creative commons attribution NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.